The European project “BICIFICATION” started on 1st January 2022. The project received funding by EIT Urban Mobility and involves seven European partners.

You ride, you earn

BICIFICATION is supporting modal shift and bicycle use through gamification and rewarding.

The aim of the project is to motivate citizens to shift from motorized vehicles to cycling, through the implementation of gamification rewarding schemes in three cities (Braga, Istanbul, Tallinn) that are already making great efforts for promoting active mobility. These schemes will be supported by an advanced technological solution consisting of a patented hardware and software, which is capable of accurately monitoring bicycle trips.

BICIFICATION will engage:

  • Local authorities, that can create new knowledge regarding active modes
  • Citizens, that will earn as they ride
  • Local shops, where citizens will be able to spend the credits they earned.

BICIFICATION will help achieve safer and more inclusive mobility and more liveable cities, accelerate market opportunities, and promote effective policies and behaviours.

What’s next?

The BICIFICATION partners, from 6 different countries, come from the business, administration and academic community and will work together for the one year for the replicability and sustainability of project results.